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I'm Domingo Dirutigliano, I live in Apulia, in Italy and I'm a developer and ethical hacker 💾.

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I started studing IT self-taught and continued in a technical institute which also offered me a more general and disciplined preparation. Every opportunity to start a project becomes for me an extra activity, you can see some small/big projects on my github but also on the page of our CTF team where I created some of the main projects of Pwnzer0tt1. Currently I'm studing at Polytechnic of Bari Computer engineering. These are some thecnologies that I used for many projects

  • Python - The language most used by me, with which I developed software for the management of the NAO robot, also used in the field of hacking, web development and also in the development of traditional applications and for some job experiences
  • Java + Kotlin + Spring - Used in Nextome in a job experience and also for personal projects
  • C/C++ - Mainly used in schools, but extensively studied thanks to various computer security and programming competitions
  • HTML CSS JS - Classic web languages, basic for the creation of websites
  • Typescript/Javascript (React): Discovered and studied my myself, also during the building of this website (written using nextjs, source code) and many other web-based projects
  • MongoDB and RDBMS (SQL, MySQL): I studied RDBMS at school, including database design and SQL language. Also I discovered and learned by myself mongoDB, used in many projects of mine.
  • Docker: The security but also the maintainability of the applications is the first thing I care a lot, in particular "if an app isn't dockerized, can't be launchable", I take this as fundamental requirement.

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I learned the basics of cybersecurity thanks to the Cyberchallenge 2020 project which, in addition to teaching me, also introduced me in this area that I had not yet explored. Thanks to this I met many cybersecurity experts with whom I collaborate to participate in various CTF competitions that expand and increase the knowledge in this area that has captured me a lot. After that, i continued following cybersecurity CTF competitions, and continued to partecipate to different project and competition. I became one of the main organizer of CyberChallenge at Polytechnic of Bari manly for binary exploitation. I never had a work experience in this field and I'm open to opportunities that could let me in this field. You can find more information in the cybersecurity section of this website.

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I studied IT in a technical institute with a great path and great experiences in the I.I.S.S. Luigi dell'Erba in Castellana Grotte. Now I'm studing university studing Computer engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari to get the degree with the curriculum in systems and IT applications.